At the Top of the Ocean

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At the Top of the Ocean
There is a place in the deep blue ocean where it is so deep that its true depth cannot even be measured. The reason for this is because there must be a point on this planet that is as deep as the deepest sadness known to our world. The deepest sadness of the world also cannot be measured, cannot be named. Whoever is held captive by this immeasurable sadness finds himself or herself at the same time on the bottom of the deep blue sea. From above, this place radiates in sparkling blue azure. But at the bottom of the sea, a black oceanic night rules, dark and impenetrable. In these depths, I had to move over years, without ever being able to see the sparkling azure. Only once was I able to surface and forget the immeasurable darkness. And here is the story:

My friend invited me to go with her to visit Vigiljoch because, “It is so beautiful there!” And it was indeed. Honestly I want to confess that I am not a mountain girl at all; they are too tall for me and block the view all the time. Also, hiking uphill is too rocky for my taste. But I agreed, if just to please her; she looks so happy when looks happy! But - only one night.

The charming green of a bench in front of the gondola station assuaged my mountainphobia, which continued to fade as I practically melted into the gondola. Curiously enough, this melting process didn't stop. The gondola lifted us up like a dolphin, one who had picked me up on the bottom of the ocean and who now was carrying me up to the azure sky.

I got off the gondola and was able to forget for one day, one night and one gondola ride back down that I was someone else. For one day, one night and one gondola ride back down I was: One of two nice, rounder writers, who were brought to their rooms by a charming dolphin. Both of us were able to hold onto him and, while doing so, wave to the other guests.

The most attractive thing about the room is the stucco walls and the white, white soft bed sheets and the colours and the smell and the steps outside into the mountain grass.

The most attractive thing outside of the room is when you sit with your friend in a pool and press the button for the bubbles and you start laughing so bubbly that everyone else laughs with you, even if they didn't want to. You laugh so much that everyone else wants to know what you are laughing about, but they are too embarrassed to ask.

Our dolphin is waiting outside the wellness area to bring us to the best room of all. It is a place where two rounder writers feel even better than in the laughing bubbles! Bread: like no where else. Pea soup: incomparable. Lamb steak: unbelievably delicious and don't even talk about the dessert; I'm afraid that if I could find words for it, the memory wouldn't taste as overwhelming as it does, each and every time I think about it melting inside of us.

And the next day, "only one night" was gone and I felt very sorry when the dolphin guided us back down to the gondola station and said good bye. I had left the bottom of the sea for one day and one night. That seemed as curious as being carried along so smoothly by the fins of a dolphin. Yet, that is exactly how it was. I am no longer a prisoner of the deepest sadness in the world. If I were to ride up to onto the Vigiljoch, then I would do so with a lightness in myself and with a nice, rounder writer at my side. Some things change. Others don't. And if that is not beautiful, then I don't know what is.
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