Fluffy white clouds

Ford Melvyn
Upon waking on my first day at vigilius mountain resort, I was transfixed by the stunning vista in front of me through the open curtained windows. Wonderful mountains, soaring spruce trees, blue sky with fluffy white clouds…and then it hit me. Was this déjà-vue? A long time ago when I was a very young child growing up in a major European city surrounded by buildings and busy streets, I once had a revelation about the true meaning of the world around me. The world I could not see at that time, but a world in which all creatures could live in peace and harmony.

I recollect that, after staring up at the puffy white clouds in the sky, I started to see images appearing right before my eyes. First of all there were faces and profiles of humans, than there were also animals and insects. Finally I could see plants and flowers, all moving and changing in perfect harmony. For a while, I thought it was purely my imagination running away with me but at such a young and tender age I decided to open my mind and take in everything I saw.

Then as I stared and pondered, I was suddenly hit by a feeling that all this had a real meaning and that what those around me were teaching me about such things was in fact entirely wrong. “Clouds are collections of water particles that come from water on the ground which evaporates up into the sky, only to hit colder air and from the masses we see…” RUBBISH!!

Now I was seeing the true identity of clouds and at that moment, it was as if someone or something was sending a revelation into my mind, telling me the real origins of clouds and the world around me.

Clouds are the souls of humans, animals, insects, plants and every living creature that has passed on from living in our world. The faces you see more obviously when you look at white fluffy clouds are merely variations of millions of other things that have died and whose souls have risen to the skies. The reason for this is that when things die on earth they must somehow be replaced and replenished. This is nature's way of continuing the cycle of life.

When too many things die at the same time somewhere on earth, the souls in the sky, out of pity, start to cry. These tears fall the earth as rain. Theses drops of water fall to the ground, into the water system, and one way or another they find a person, or an animal, or an insect, or a plant where they can release their miracle and give birth to new life. The souls are passed onto new creatures and life begins all over again.

That explains why it rains so heavily and so regularly at the equator for example, for there is the greatest concentration of life and - inevitably - death on earth. It also explains why the deserts get very little if no rain at all, as here there is hardly any life or death, only miles of sand.

So, thank you vigilius for bringing back such memories to me during my brief but oh-so-inspiring visit. May we all see nature in it’s most splendid form from your windows and appreciate your way of turning us back to nature. If only we could all see past the obvious and disregard that which we have been conditioned through life to believe. If only we could all truly understand the clouds and their true purpose and meaning.

Open your minds, open your hearts and look around you. Is this too much to understand and accept? The real meaning of life!! After all, is heaven not meant to be in the skies?

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