Scottish mountain story

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This is a Scottish mountain story

A lot of people think that the Haggis is made out of sheeps stomach and filled full of strange morbid things. This is crazy, no-one would eat that!

The Haggis is actually a small cute furry animal about the size of a Jack Russell that lives in the mountains of Scotland. The strange thing about the Haggis is that it has 3 legs and even stranger is that the male of the species has an extra long right leg and the female of the species has an extra long left leg! This allows them to only ever run around the mountain in one direction, and this is the only way that male and female will ever meet.

For hundreds of years the Haggis has been a very elusive creature and very hard to catch, and so has been a delicacy in restaurants over generations.

About 20 years ago a game called Tennis was invented… an effort to encourage the Scots into the game several tennis nets were sent to Scotland. The Scots didn’t see an immediate use for the nets but Hamish McTavish of Drumnadrochit stumbled on the idea of stringing the nets from the top of the mountain to the bottom. That way when the Haggis ran around the mountain, it saw the net and tried to turn around. Because of it uneven length of leg, it naturally tumbled down to the bottom of the mountain and was collected by the greatful restauranteurs.

That is why Haggis is now enjoyed the world over.
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