Striving for the summit

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At 10:00 am, six ladies meet at the vigilius mountain resort Reception Desk. All are dressed functionally equipped according to the Hotel's suggestions for a snowshoe excursion: snow cap brand Head, snow goggles from Prada, snow jacket from Bogner, snow pants from Jet Set, gloves from Salomon, socks from Falke. Hiking boots from the hotel and the snowshoes, like those of Luis Trenker – though much better of course – out of plastic.

At the same time, out on the IDA-terrace, a colourful group of people meet. They chat and joke among each other and ask themselves what kind of challenge they should confront today. They have protected themselves against the cold in diverse ways: ankle-length lambskin coats, anoraks, thick sweaters, mittens, Viking-style stocking hats.

Hanna Renata introduces herself to the snowshoeing Wellness-athletes. She also offers guests yoga and Tai-Chi training. She loves to take hikes with snowshoes, especially with small groups whom she can turn on to this trend sport with her own enthusiasm.

Steffen Sommer bumps into his colourful group. They want to find out about themselves, face their own boundaries and overcome them. That should take place today at 1800 m. Giggling as they go, they make their way to the chairlift and are whisked up to the mountain station.

The Wellness ladies have, with help from Hanna Renata, strapped themselves into their gear and expectantly await the signal to start. Through the initial several steps across the thawed earth ground, the flapping ends of the snowshoes send fountains of mud to fly up all over their backsides and totally ruin the pretty picture from the rear. Gradually, the waddling becomes strenuous. Patches of ice need to be crossed; the ladies are continually slipping back and going forward gets tougher and tougher.

The crew with Steffen Sommer swing easily out of their chairs. Steffen blindfolds all of the participants. They should make their way first through a larch forest and then across a snowfield, all the while following the tones of hardwood claves knocked together by an assistant waiting at their goal. They cautiously take their first steps, feeling with their hands the branches and trunks between which they walk, with their feet the perilousness of the snow covered forest floor.

Meanwhile, the ladies have snow under their feet. The upward march is difficult, yet they are now progressing better. They are amazed by the lone hiker who passes them. His snowshoes are tied to his backpack, nevertheless he will reach the summit far sooner than they.

The first ones from Steffen’s group have reached the snowfield. With increasing confidence they have bravely crossed through the larch grove led by the knocking of the claves. The last of the party reach the snowfield.
Hanna Renata can once again motivate her ladies and mobilize new power; on the snowfield the snowshoes work really well. They laugh and reach the summit.

Still blindfolded, the Self-discovery Group are crossing their snowfield. The firmness of the snow surface holds them, though at times a shoe sinks in. Soon, everyone has reached their goal and the claves on the summit. After removing the blindfolds, they chat and laugh among themselves, pat each other on the shoulders in recognition of work well done.

The snowshoeing Wellness Ladies, looking pleasantly exhausted, ride the chairlift back.

Steffen Sommer hikes back with his group. Relaxed with high spirits, they tell about their experience.
During dinner, Steffen sits with his group at one table. There is still much to talk about – from today or from something completely different.

Meanwhile, the Snowshoe Ladies have freshened up and tell their partners about their latest adventure.

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