The St. Bernhard-Dachshund

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The St. Bernhard-Dachshund
Bella, the female St. Bernhard who belonged to the vigilius owners, often played with the children of guests currently visiting the mountain resort, a pastime which included generous amounts of jumping around along with stretching her legs out long while letting herself be scratched. Whenever she was not playing, she enjoyed a certain predilection for extended walks, with others or even alone.

One day, as Bella's yearn for hiking was somewhat more hormone-inspired than usual, the proprietor of the nearby Jocher Inn called on the telephone. He wanted to share with us the news that Bella and his own male furry friend were currently getting along so well that they were practically inseparable. Exactly how his dog - a smaller dachshund - was able to implement his amorous advances into actual physical deeds remains even today a well-kept secret between the Jocher Inn proprietor and the two overjoyed dogs.

As soon as Bella returned, the hotel owners took her in the gondola down the mountain to visit their trusted veterinarian in Lana. With a laugh, he assured them that Bella's tender escapades could not have any consequences. Nine weeks later, however, the opposite was proven true upon the birth of five puppies, each looking completely different from one another.

With much curiousity, the hotel owners and guests observed the aesthetic development of the young St. Bernhard-Dachshund puppies and were amazed by the creative potential of Nature regarding this adventurous gene mixture. Thoroughly aware of their star status, the little ones took on their role as "very special puppies" quite seriously: every morning, after the janitor had unlocked the sun terrace, the five puppies would immediately tumble out to reserve the foremost - and most desired being the first row - reclining chair, which they refused to leave, though they would happily let themselves be photographed by laughing tourists.

Four of the five were not as homely as one would expect from such an extreme breed mixture. They united in relatively favourable combinations the attributes of both parental breeds and soon found new owners. However, the last St. Bernhard-Dachshund had been dealt a miserable hand of genes: behind an enormous St. Bernhard head stretched back an awkwardly long body that more hobbled than walked on four stubby legs.

During this summer, the German politician Willy Brandt [Chancellor of West Germany 1969–1974 , ed.] came to visit the mountain resort with his family. Destiny evidently wanted that one of his sons, Matthias, would fall in love with the small, oddly formed puppy. Jokingly, the hotel owners asked Willy if he would like to take the puppy with him - and surprisingly that is just what he did!

The son was overjoyed and "The Motley One" once again found an occasion to inspire headlines: "Willy, How did You Even Find Such a Dog?"

Love will at times search out the most remarkable of ways ...

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