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I see the wind blowing soft sand particles over the dunes, the gentle ripples making the desert look like a vast lake, a mirage, under the bright sky. The sense of peacefulness and quiet is hard to match, the depth of thought and contemplation limitless. Could anything come close to my desert?

We came to vigilius looking for adventure, to learn something new. For me, raised in a small town by the sea backed by a vast, endless desert, going to a mountain getaway was the furthest I could imagine. So Mount Vigiljoch it was.

The brightness was startling – like diamond sparkles off the earth - could it be brighter than the desert? It was; the power of the sun on the snow was an amazing show of nature’s power over us with the small flakes falling from and landing on the plains to create sand dunes in the mountains.

The quietness was reassuring, as were the people, open and relaxed, living as one family in small communities. Memories came flooding back of my own home town before it had become a metropolis. It was here in vigilius that I realized how close our world is to yours. It was here that I learnt to appreciate the values of community and family.

This was a trip like no other to bring me back down to earth from the rush that occurs all around me. I returned renewed with a new vigour and a determination not to forget where we all come from originally.

We shall see you again next winter.
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