True, in part or whole, or not?

Kevin Wood
Being asked to write a ‘Mountain Story’ reminds me of all the times as a child I was asked at school to write in my journal on a Monday morning about what had happened at the weekend.

A good idea, provided something had happened you could remember and worthy of reporting. A story about standing outside a major retail store with your Grandfather waiting for your Mother and Grandmother to emerge empty handed, having returned the things they purchased the previous weekend, is not that interesting. From this you can conclude I either had to become adept at making up fictional events or face the ignominy of owning up that nothing really happened. Hence I will let you decide if this story is true, in part or whole, or not.

Upon checking in and being shown around the hotel we waited patiently for our suitcases to arrive, but sometime elapsed and they didn’t arrive. A call to reception determined that our bags had gone to the wrong room and this would be rectified quickly and efficiently. This was promptly followed by a knock at the door and the smiling porter holding two suitcases.

Good news you would think, except these were not our cases. Now when you only speak one language communicating to someone else who also only speaks one language, but not the same one language, is difficult. Sign language and facial expression, whilst amusing, invariably fail to communicate the reality of the situation. The porter left us with the two alien suitcases. After another call to reception we were assured that our cases had been delivered to the right room.

By now hot, tired and confused we began to wonder if they were right, had we lost the ability to identify our own cases. Curiosity got the better of us, we tried the locks and the cases popped open displaying an array of smart, sophisticated and interesting clothing, nothing like our own. Stripes, spots, patterns and styles we would never normally consider were all there in abundance. Temptation beckoned, no harm in trying something on was there?

The shirt and trousers I selected fitted perfectly, as if made to measure, and the dress my wife chose looked stunning. We become comfortable in our new cloths. Somehow wearing these cloths changed our posture and confidence, we were become their owners. It was as if by putting on the cloths we adopted the character and personality they defined. As nobody was claiming these cases, our own cases had not arrived and we were hungry, we went off to dinner as the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith. So began our week of living the sophisticated designer lifestyle of our mystery suitcase owners.

On checking out we left the cases in reception for the porter to take to the cable car. When we got to the cable car there in the corner were our two original grey suitcases. Where had they been, who had had them and had this really all happened? Would we open the cases and return to our old style or should we simply move on?

So if you see two grey suitcases in the cable car you know who they belong to, borrow the cases and try on a new lifestyle for one week.
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